Welcome to ChevySpark.net


Thanks for stopping by.  As you can see the site has just launched so there is a lot of tweaking that will need to be done with the layout.

I started www.chevyspark.net after purchasing a 2014 Chevy Spark 1LT to use as a city car for work and running errands around town.  The big draw to the Spark was initially simple and two fold.  It was cheap and got decent (32/38mpg) fuel economy.  Usually this level of vehicle is good for lasting maybe 100,000 miles if you are lucky and is then tossed on www.craiglist.org for a couple thousand dollars with a laundry list of "needs to be fixed" items in the ad.

Seeing the initial attraction to the vehicle is more than what was expected, why not whip up a quick site that will follow this Spark's journey in life to serve me well for at least 100,000 miles if not more.  Along the way I will document any mods (I can't leave anything alone) or fixes (that are not covered under warranty) that I find myself doing.  In addition to the typical stuff I will do my best to keep everyone entertained along the way.